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High-Performance Bats

Step up to the plate with Glomar bats! Whether you're a seasoned pro, an up and coming college athlete, or simply dreaming of the big leagues, Glomar bats are meticulously crafted for players at every level.

While we might be a small company, we swing with a big bat approach.

Join the legacy of legends who swung Glomar bats and make your own history on the diamond.

Born in Cuba. Made in the USA.

Glomar USA is a baseball equipment manufacturer with a rich history in building high-quality bats. Our passion for craftsmanship drives us to create products that empower players to achieve greatness on the diamond.  With brand new modern equipment in our California shop, we are dedicated to the original Glomar quality with a more efficient system to customize and produce bats that make history.



Be a Part of Glomar Elite

glomar elite 24.png

Do you have what it takes to be part of our Glomar Elite program? We offer ambassador  opportunities for elite players and teams looking to be a part of the Glomar legacy. We also select  a limited number of high school and college prospects to our Glomar Elite Team.

Contact us to learn more about Glomar Elite opportunities and how we can support your game.

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